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Ernest Hemingway, the most famous literary figure of his time, sets out in the twilight of his life on a quixotic quest to recapture the sentimental Spain of his early success in the 1920s only to sadly confront mano a mano a final rite of passage that tests all the credos of bravery and grace under pressure he had lived by.


It would be the fabled writer’s last hurrah. 


For at that time of his life, Hemingway was at that age we all dread of being: Old, losing our train of thought, unable to do what once came so easily, too quick to show our frustration at our slowness but still holding on to the hope of one last glimmer of youth.


In Looking for Hemingway and The Lost Generation, author Tony Castro tracks Hemingway’s final visits to Spain where he sought to catch an inspiring last taste of the past but gave us instead a prismatic vision of the dying artist, a complex and profoundly dramatic story of a man’s extraordinary effort to stay alive.

Brilliant... a valuable contribution to the understanding of our time....

Publishers Weekly


The best biography ever written about Mickey Mantle...

The New York Times​

The New York Times



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